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Detailing services in Sarasota
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Sarasota Car Wash
Mobile Car Detailing in Sarasota


Vac Seats, Carpets, Trunk & Mats

Vents, Cup Holders, & Door Panels

Polish Dash, Console, and Gauges

Wipe Down Leather Surfaces

Wash & Wipe Down Car Mats & Trunk

Apply Leather Conditioner

Spray Air Freshener

Complimentary Little Trees Air Fresheners

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Pet Hair Removal

Steam Cleaning

Removal Of Stains And Odors From Carpets

Headliner Cleaning

Double Shampoo Carpet Cleaning

Wipe Down Engine Department

Odor Removal

Clean Under & Between Seats


Complete Outside Hand Wash

Clean & Degrease Wheels & Tires

Hand Dry By Micro-fiber Towels

Microfiber Hand Wax Included Protects Surfaces As Well As Shines

Apply Professional Wheel Dressing

Clean Door Jambs & Trunk Seals

Clean Windows Inside & Out

Bug & Tar Removal 

Clay Bar Painted Surfaces Removing

Harmful Contamination

Water Spot Removal

Removal Of Rust In & Around Tires

Chrome Trim Polishing

Exhaust Rust Removal

Basic Scratch Removal

Basic Plastic Car Trim Restoration/Dressing

Convertible & Sunroof Top Cleaning

Headlight Restoration + $70




starting from $200

starting from $250

starting from $300

Our Story
As a mobile car detailing company, we drive to you. 

The difference between car detailing and a full-service car wash is the detail of precision. Car detailing is more in-depth and takes more time to perfect. We make sure all the surfaces in your vehicle are spotless from the inside to out. We use a high-grade foam cannon with a hand car wash with love. A full-service car wash is a basic exterior and interior wash but not as detailed as a full car detail. The typical car wash services are washing the car with huge automatic hard brushes which can damage your paint. A professional car detailing service uses a hand car wash with special car wash soap to ensure that your vehicle paint is not damaged. We wash your car in a specific direction of an airflow across your vehicle which minimizes the risk of scratches and swirl marks.  We also use high-grade brushes with flexibility on tires to make sure all the hard-to-reach spaces are spotless on the rims of tires. Each quality chemical we use for your detail has a purpose and is not abrasive to your vehicle. After the whole car wash process, we use a dedicated  70% polyester and 30% polyamide microfiber towel. After the wash is done, as a professional car detailer we inspect your paint and apply iron remover and clay bar to remove contaminants such as bug residue, brake dust, and all kinds of dirt. Then we apply wax and sealant to protect your paint.

Depending on the car's condition, interior detailing takes around 2-3 hours. We use an air blower, vacuum, steam cleaner, and natural-based chemicals. We degrease all doors and door panels and make sure we remove all the bacteria as possible. After we wash the carpets and seats, we make sure that everything is dried before returning the car to you. 

For every car we clean, we try our best to make our clients feel like they are driving a brand new car after their appointment. 

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Car X Mobile Detailing Services in Sarasota



Please inspect your car and point out any previous scratches or problems on your car to your detailer.

-We will not be responsible for any previous scratches or paint chips on your car.​

-We will not be responsible for any previous interior stains or scratches.

-We will not be responsible for any personal belongings lost.

-Before we get there, please remove all personal belongings! We just want to make sure that we don't break or throw anything from your car that you may want to keep. IF YOU DON’T,  we will put everything (including the center console and drawer) into a plastic bag and put it outside of the car while detailing and we do not accept any responsibility for your stuff.

Thank you for understanding.

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